NBA Commish Adam Silver Promised Former Baylor Hoops Star Isaiah Austin a Job After He Graduates from College (Video)

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NBA commissioner Adam Silver has hit all the right PR notes since taking over for David Stern back in February. He handled the Donald Sterling situation quickly and with authority, then he made everybody feel all warm and fuzzy by making former Baylor star Isaiah Austin—whose career came to an abrupt end when he was diagnosed with Marfan syndrome—an “honorary draft pick” at the 2014 NBA Draft back in June.

Of course, everybody knew that making Austin an “honorary draft pick” wouldn’t really help the kid pick up the pieces of his life. Austin was supposed to be a first round draft pick. He would have made millions of dollars by the time he was 25. Now he’s just like the rest of us. It’s like he won the lottery, found out the ticket was actually invalid, but got to go to the ceremony where they give you the oversized novelty check anyway.

Fortunately for Austin, Adam Silver wasn’t just using him to get good press.

The Baylor student was in Washington, D.C. yesterday, where the folks at TMZ caught up with him and asked how he was doing. That’s when he dropped the news that Silver said he has a job waiting for him—if he graduates from college.

Classy stuff from the NBA. It really is a new era, isn’t it?

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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