Aggressive Fan Crashes James Rodriguez Introduction for Real Madrid (Video)

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Being the breakthrough player of the World Cup comes part and parcel with global attention. And with attention comes the crazies.  On Tuesday, we witnessed one of those crazies when a pitch invader stormed the Santiago Bernabeu during James Rodriguez‘s introduction to Real Madrid fans.

The man was quickly subdued, and James Rodriguez even seemed to help the man off the pitch. I guess that’s a better PR move than having security hold him down to the ground while he stomps in the guy’s face with his new signature cleats.

That’s why James Rodriguez is a star. He doesn’t stomp people in the face. Publicly. He also is a really, really good soccer player.

Here’s the video. Blink, and you’ll miss it:

The guy was wearing a Colombia jersey, so he was either attacking James because of their exit against Brazil, or he was going to hug him because he just loves him so damn much. Given South America’s’ temperament regarding soccer, I would say it could go either way.


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