Rotund 49ers Fan Faceplants While Playing Football with Blitz, the Seahawks Mascot (Video)

fat 49ers fan faceplants falls down covering seahawks mascot

Single game tickets for the 2014 Seattle Seahawks season went on sale Monday morning, so obviously anyone who was too cheap to buy multi-game packs in advance was camping out in front of the ticket windows all night…which actually makes sense, because if they don’t have money for multi-game packs, they probably don’t have jobs. So what else are they doing on a Monday morning?

Anyway, people were camping out, waiting for tickets to go on sale, and the Seahawks had a bunch of entertainment planned—including an appearance by Blitz, the Seahawks mascot.

Being a mascot and thus, by definition, a rabble-rouser, Blitz found himself a 49ers fan in the crowd of people and challenged the guy to cover him on a passing play. However, this wasn’t just any 49ers fan. It was a fat 49ers fan. So when he fell face first into the concrete while trying to cover the anthropomorphic bird of prey, it wasn’t scary or sad. It was hilarious!

Take a look:

I must admit that I’ve been having an internal debate as to whether or not this is staged.

On the one hand, embarrassing a fat Niners fan (thus comparing the San Francisco secondary to the Legion of Boom?) seems like the kind of thing PR people would stage.

On the other hand, if the Niners guy is in on it, he really sells it. Did you see the way he bounced off the concrete? That could not have felt good.

Hat Tip – [Next Impulse Sports]

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