This Washington Nationals Beard Is Glorious (Pics)

washington nationals beard

As you probably know, the hipster invented the beard back in 2005. And since then, like all things the hipster knows and loves ironically—like skinny jeans, or Arcade Fire—the beard has gone mainstream and become, for the most part, totally uncool.

There are a few exceptions, though. Every once in a while we’ll encounter somebody who still has an amazingly cool beard. And one of these people is Washington, D.C. resident Eric Brooks.

You see, Eric doesn’t just have a long beard, and he doesn’t just have a bushy beard. Eric has a long and bushy beard that he molds into exquisite beard sculptures.

His most recent work of art? A dedication to his beloved Washington Nationals:

“Going to the Washington Nationals vs. Colorado Rockies game on Wednesday,” reads Brooks’s description. “Practicing a freestyle beard to wear to the game! (It’s sloppy because I did it very quick)”

So yeah, this isn’t even the dude’s best work. Here are a few other examples from his Instagram feed:

And here is perhaps the greatest achievement in sports-themed beard-art in all of human history—a masterpiece known affectionately as The Ovechbeard:

Keep up the good work, Mr. Brooks. You are an inspiration.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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