This Compilation of Australian Rules Football Hits May Give You Second-Hand Whiplash (Video)

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Here’s the thing about Australians: they’ve got a reputation for being tough. While the reputation might be kind of overdone to Outback Steakhouse-sized proportions, it originated because they were, in fact, pretty tough.

If you’re looking for definitive proof, watch the films Crocodile Dundee and Road Warrior. Then, if you still have time, watch this compilation of crazy Australian Football League hits:

Sure, you don’t have to be tough to be laid out, but you have to be tough as a country to make the collective decision after seeing so many violent hits that, nah, no one needs pads or helmets. They’re fine. They’re fine. They’re…fine.

It is pretty crazy that some of these guys aren’t dead from these hits. I’m assuming they’re not dead. Oh, God, tell me they’re not dead. We didn’t just watch a compilation of like 20 guys who were killed on football pitches, did we?

Hat Tip – [Reddit]

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