Here’s Frank Caliendo Reading LeBron’s Cleveland Letter in the Voice of Morgan Freeman (Video)

frank caliendo reads lebron cleveland letter as morgan freeman

When LeBron James announced he was returning to Cleveland a few weeks back, a lot of people called it a redemption of past wrongs.

Personally, I thought “redemption” was probably a bit strong. Sure, going back to Cleveland was a great way to rehabilitate his image. But we’re talking about sports here, not the criminal justice system. LeBron’s homecoming is more about rebranding than redemption.

That being said, calling LeBron’s decision a redemption did result in one really awesome thing. And that is Frank Caliendo, the world’s most famous impressionist, going on ESPN Radio’s Mike & Mike show and reading LeBron’s letter…in the voice of Morgan Freeman, a la The Shawshank Redemption.

Uncanny, isn’t it? If you just played the audio for your friends and co-workers and told them it was Morgan Freeman, I guarantee 100% of them would not question you.

Go ahead, try it right now. I’ll wait.

See? Told you. If Frank Caliendo lived in Salem in the 1690s, I’m pretty sure he would have been tried as a witch and burned at the stake. The guy is magical.

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