Watch Jeff Francoeur Get Pranked by El Paso Chihuahuas Teammates. Again. (Video)

jeff francoeur pranked again el paso chihuahuas

I always assumed they practiced and trained and played actual baseball games in the minor leagues. But I have never actually been to a minor league game, and apparently I was wrong. Apparently, all they do is hang out and take bus trips, otherwise the El Paso Chihuahuas wouldn’t be constantly devising elaborate pranks, and guys like “first baseman” Cody Decker wouldn’t have time to make short films about them.

You will recall, of course, the first epic prank to come out of the Chihuahuas clubhouse. Earlier this season they convinced poor Jeff Francoeur—winner of a Rawlings Gold Glove, hitter of over 100 big league home runs—that pitcher Jorge Reyes was deaf. For an entire month. Then Decker made a seven-minute documentary about it and put it on YouTube.

Now they’ve done it again. In honor of Jeff Francoeur getting called back up to the big leagues—where, presumably, he will have to play games and everything—they pranked him, made a video about it, and put it on YouTube.

Though in all honesty, “pranked” is probably a little generous. “Confined” or “held captive” would be more apt. Because all they did is lock the guy in a bathroom for an hour.

As you can see, he eventually escaped…through the ceiling.

Ah, the life of a minor league baseball player.

Hat Tip – [Big League Stew]

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