UFC Champion Jon Jones Gets His 6 Year-Old Daughter to Talk Trash Upcoming Opponent (Video)

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UFC fighter Daniel Cormier reached out at Jon Jones following his latest victory, letting Jones know that a showdown between the two was inevitable. Since Cormier had pushed the dialogue to such a public forum, Jon Jones came back guns blazing.

And by “came back guns blazing,” I mean that he got his 6 year-old daughter to respond to the taunt on Instagram. Hardcore, dude.

Here’s the video of young smack-talker in action, telling Cormier how it’s gonna be:

Take that, sir!

Of course, this isn’t the first time Jones has been called out for evading a match. But the girl’s cute enough that maybe this will buy him some time.

Jones then followed up with this Tweet:

I have to say, social media hasn’t really done much to raise the pre-fight tension, has it?


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