Following the David Ortiz Hug, Munenori Kawasaki Dubbed Himself ‘Little Papi’ (Video and GIF)

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If you haven’t seen a Munenori Kawasaki interview, skip all this text and go down to the video. NOW. The colorful Bluejay has a way about him in live interviews that can’t simply be chalked up to cultural differences or getting lost in translation. The guy is just a hoot.

So it’s no wonder that David Ortiz gravitated towards him earlier this week for…a hug. We covered it earlier (we love stories about hugs!), but in case you missed it, here’s the GIF:

As if that wasn’t enough, we now have an interview with Kawasaki regarding the exchange:

What’s perhaps most endearing is that the goofiness is balanced with an earnestness in wanting to answer the questions as thoughtfully and as clearly as possible. And yes, Munenori, we know who Michael Jordan is. He was a pretty important guy in North American pro sports for quite some time.

Hat Tip – [Next Impulse Sports]

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