Queen of England Photobombs Aussie Field Hockey Players at Commonwealth Games (Pic)

queen elizabeth photobombs australian field hockey players at commonwealth games

Well this is something that, for so many reasons, I never thought I would write. But I think it’s safe to say the title “Greatest Sports Photobomber of All Time” now belongs to the Queen of England.

As you may (but probably don’t) know, the 2014 Commonwealth Games are going on right now in Glasgow, Scotland. And as you may (but probably don’t) know, the Commonwealth Games are an Olympic-style sports competition for the 53 so-called Commonwealth Nations that were once part of the British Empire and still maintain ties to the British throne. (So we’re talking England, Canada, South Africa, India, and Australia—placed like that.)

Anyway, at the 2014 Commonwealth Games, an Australian field hockey player took a selfie with teammate Brooke Peris, and in the background was Queen Elizabeth II. Smiling. Like she knew exactly what she was doing. (Though she almost certainly did not.)

Check it out:

Mover over, Cigar Guy. The Queen of England wants your spot on our list of greatest sports photobombs of all-time.

You know, because she doesn’t have enough fancy titles already.

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]

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