Yadier Molina Leaves Special Present for Brother Jose Molina at Home Plate Prior to Rays-Cards Game (Video)

yadier molina leaves cheese crackers on home plate for brother jose molina

I don’t have a brother, but if I did I imagine it would be pretty cool to get to play against him in the Major Leagues.

In that respect, the Squatting Molina Brothers have had it better than just about anyone in the history of baseball. BengieJose, and Yadier Molina all made it to the big leagues as catchers, and at one point they were all playing at the same time. This means they’ve been able to play each other on multiple occasions, and Bengie and Jose have even played on the same team.

These days, though, Bengie Molina is retired and Jose is 39 years old. So we’ve just about seen the last of the all-Molina games. However, the Cardinals and Rays got paired up in interleague play this year, so Jose and Yadier got to play against one another one last time in Tampa Bay back on June 10.

Of course, they were supposed to play each other again this week in St. Louis, but then Yadier tore a tendon in his thumb, knocking him out until at least September.

But Jose and Yadi were in the same ballpark this week. And last night they shared something pretty special during the first inning.

A hug? A handshake? No. A snack.

That’s right. Injured superstar Yadier Molina had Cardinals third base coach Jose Oquendo leave a couple packs of cheese crackers for Jose at home plate.

Absolutely classic.


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