Here’s Brewers Center Fielder Carlos Gomez Dancing Around in a Ninja Turtles Costume, Just Because (Video)

carlos gomez wearing ninja turtle costume

All-Star center fielder Carlos Gomez says he bought a Leonardo costume as a reward for his son, who loves the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. And that’s a pretty good cover story, because Gomez does have a son. However, I think it’s pretty clear what is really going on here. Gomez is a furry. (Google it.)

I’m not saying he’s one of those creepy furries who goes to furry orgies and whatnot. But it’s clear the man enjoys dancing around in his turtle suit.

We know this because yesterday, while Gomez’s Brewers teammate Mark Reynolds was doing an interview for MLB Network’s Intentional Talk, Gomez showed up in the aforementioned Leonardo costume and did a little dance before pulling his turtle head up and making the big reveal.

Take a look:

According to Fox Sports Wisconsin, Gomez’s kid wasn’t impressed by the costume. He wanted to meet Donatello, not Leonardo. Which is really weird, since everyone knows Donatello is the lamest Ninja Turtle. But then maybe that’s just an excuse Gomez made up to explain why he’ll be dancing around in another Ninja Turtle costume next week. Because he’s a furry.*

*FYI, Carlos Gomez is probably not a furry. I was just joking, because furries are funnies.

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