Bryant Gumbel Makes Shocking Revelation that Baseball Hall of Fame Voters Are Hypocrites. Who Knew? (Video)

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That headline is sarcastic, in case you didn’t pick up on that. While there certainly are more rational, reasonable baseball writers today than there were ten years ago, there are still a ton of old-school anti-stats moralists hanging around—guys who call WAR nonsense because they can’t understand it, and paint baseball’s steroid era in black-and-white.

These guys are hypocrites in many ways. First, many of them are heavy-drinking divorced philanders with kids who resent them, and yet they denounce others for cheating at baseball, which is a game that ultimately doesn’t matter. Then they refuse to vote PED users into the Hall of Fame because steroids are ALWAYS 100% WRONG, but turn around and vote in a manager who won almost half his games with Mark McGwire on his roster.

The manager I am talking about, of course, is Tony LaRussa. When LaRussa, the third-winningest manager of all-time, was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame, the argument was that it wasn’t fair to hold him accountable for what his players were doing because we can’t be 100% certain he knew what was going on.

However, as Bryant Gumbel argued on Real Sports this week, electing LaRussa to the Hall but not McGwire makes no sense. It’s got to be both or neither.

Take a look:

The interesting thing is that, whichever side of the PED debate you’re on, you can (though you don’t have to) agree with Gumbel. It really should be both or neither, shouldn’t it?

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