Friendly Between AC Milan and Olympiakos Interrupted Not Once But Twice by Fans Seeking Epic Selfies (Videos)

olympiacos selfie in toronto during olympiacos ac milan friendly

Look internet, I love a good selfie as much as the Queen of England, but I’m afraid this is starting to get out of hand. Snapping a good one when the right moment presents itself is fine. But running onto a soccer field and interrupting a soccer game? That’s really annoying.

I’m not one of those stuffy people who thinks field intruders are “disgraceful,” either. I usually get a kick out of them. But all good things are only good things in moderation. And last night in Toronto, during a friendly between AC Milan and Olympiakos, the selfie field invasions were not moderate. Two idiots ran onto the field and successfully took selfies with players. Then, emboldened by their predecessors, another two tried to run onto the field only to get apprehended by security before getting their pics.

Here’s the first selfie intruder, who managed to get himself a pretty good one with an amused Yiannis Maniatis:

Here’s the second selfie intruder, who nearly took out the Rossoneri’s El Sharaawy before eventually getting his shot:

The really crazy thing in all this is that Olympiakos seems to think this is fantastic. One of their employees took video of the guy who got a selfie with Maniatis and posted it on the team’s official YouTube channel.

Newsflash, Olympiakos: if you encourage this sort of thing, you’re never going to get through a game without interruptions.

Have fun with that!

Hat Tip – [Reader Ron Canada via O Canada]

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