Houston Astro Dallas Kuechel Tosses Hecklers a Signed Ball with a Friendly Message (Pic and Tweet)

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 12.08.00 PM

Dallas Keuchel may not be among the most notable players in pro baseball, but his stock may have just risen a little when a picture of a signed ball he tossed to hecklers went viral.

During an outing against the A’s, Dallas responded to hecklers not by ignoring them, or by getting hostile, but by giving them a signed ball. However, that gift may have given the pitcher the last laugh, as the signed ball thanked the hecklers for helping pay his salary. And he put a heart on it, because that’s just a cute, nice thing to do.

Upon further inspection, it turns out that Keuchel didn’t sign this thing at all. He just put his number on it. So he ended up not even giving these guys a signed ball. Advantage: Dallas.

Judging by the Tweet below, the hecklers still found it funny enough to share with a neighbor. Take a look:

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