Third Time’s the Charm? Watch Justin Blackmon Get Arrested for Weed (Video)

justin blackmon arrest video

You’re never going to believe this, but Justin Blackmon was arrested for a third time on Wednesday. This time it was for drugs.

Drafted fifth overall by the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2012, the former Oklahoma State wide receiver was suspended for the first four games of last season after his second violation of the NFL’s substance abuse policy. Then, in November, he was suspended indefinitely after a third violation. As for the previous arrests, those were both alcohol- and vehicle-related, and came in 2010 and 2012.

On Wednesday in Edmond, Oklahoma, police signalled for Blackmon to pull over after he made an illegal turn. Then he took forever to do so, and when an officer finally approached the car he could smell weed. So the cuffs came out pretty much immediately, because it’s one thing to smoke weed, and another thing to smoke weed while driving around in your car.

To Blackmon’s credit, he didn’t beat around the bush at that point, admitting that he had just smoked a blunt and had one more unsmoked in his vehicle. Then he told the cops, “This is gonna be a big deal.”

Presumably, Blackmon meant it was gonna be a big deal for his bank account. Because after this, the dude is not going to be making any money playing football for a long, long time.

Here’s the video of Blackmon’s arrest, obtained (as always) by TMZ:

Pretty typical Wednesday for this guy.

Hat Tip – [USA Today]

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