Keith Olbermann Rips NFL a New One After Ray Rice Gets Suspended Just Two Games for Beating His Wife (Video)

keith olberman rant ray rice suspension

It’s very fitting that the Justin Blackmon arrest and the NFL’s suspension of Ray Rice happened in the same week, because the juxtaposition of these two stories makes it clear that, when it comes to disciplining its players, the NFL is a joke.

Actually, when it comes to disciplining its players, the NFL is more than a joke. It’s a disgrace.

Smoke some weed: suspended indefinitely. Beat your wife: suspended for two games.

I’m certainly not the first person to point out how shitty it is that Ray Rice only got suspended two games for (allegedly) punching his wife, knocking her unconscious, and dragging her limp, unconscious body off an elevator. I’m pretty sure the only people who don’t think wife-beaters are the scum of the earth are wife-beaters. If anybody deserves to be punished by the NFL for their off-field conduct, it’s them.

And no, I don’t care what the circumstances were in Ray Rice’s case. I don’t care if his wife is still with him. In my book, if you punch your spouse ever, you should be f*cking fired.

So for once, I have to say I agree whole heartedly with Keith Olberman, who chastised the NFL for a good five minutes on his show last night.

Take a look:

I especially like the part about Tony Dungy whining about “distractions.” Why the hell is playing football with a gay dude a distraction, but playing football with violent criminals is not? Because I have to tell you, I’d be a lot more comfortable around a guy who likes my package than a guy who punches his wife.

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