Ryan Raburn’s Hilarious Throwing Error Turns Mike Moustakas Double Into Inside the Park Home Run (Video)

ryan raburn throwing fail

Rest assured, nobody is ever going to confuse poor Cleveland outfielder Ryan Raburn for Yoenis Cespedes. In addition to being the back-to-back Home Run Derby champ, the latter became known this season for his canon of an arm after a couple of other-worldly outfield assists. The former, unfortunately, is now known for an epic throwing fail that allowed a guy they call Moose to score on what should have otherwise been a double.

Last night the Royals hosted the Indians at Kauffman Stadium, and in the bottom of the eighth, with one out and nobody on, left-handed third baseman Mike Moustakas sliced a ball down the left field line. There, Ryan Raburn tried to make the grab, and if he had succeeded it would have been an excellent play. But he didn’t succeed, and instead the ball bounced off his arm and to the side wall.

So okay, fine, Moustakas gets a double. Not a big deal.

But then Raburn picked the ball up and tried to throw it in. That’s when he spiked the ball into the ground about ten feet in front of him, after which it bounced into an empty left field, allowing Moose to score.

It was brutal. Take a look:

You can bet Cleveland manager Terry Francona wished he’d started Mike Aviles in left after that one.

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