Steve Spurrier Apparently “Jerked Off” a Lot of Football Players in a Locker Room (Video)

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The Ole’ Ball Coach has a secret. Well, he had a secret. University of South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier was surprisingly forthright about a homosexual tryst he had with a “bunch” of players in the locker room. He’s always been known as a real players’ coach, and this statement proves it.

Take a look at the startling confession:

Oh, man. I hope they were all over 18. Because if there were any younger recruits, this could be a criminal act. However, given Spurrier’s track record as a decent guy, I’m sure it was all above-board, consensual, and very erotic.

Steve Spurrier is simply following in a longtime South Carolina tradition, as Lou Holtz was famous for giving his place kickers and punters full-release massages during halftime to ease their nerves should they be called upon for a last-minute kick in the 4th quarter.

Let’s hope that Mr. Spurrier’s forearm heals in a timely fashion and allows him get out with his boys on opening day.

***Oh, and in case you aren’t quick enough to realize that was all a lie, here’s FULL interview, for context.***

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