The 9 Funniest Sports Impressions

The 9 Funniest Sports Impressions

Yesterday, a video went viral of Morgan Freeman reading LeBron James’ Decision II letter. Only it wasn’t Morgan Freeman. It was impressionist Frank Caliendo doing an impression of Morgan Freeman. Or maybe Caliendo was an impersonator doing an impersonation. I always get those two confused.

Frank Caliendo whether you find him funny or not, is pretty good at his craft, which is good, because few things are worse than a bad impression.

Caliendo’s video got us thinking about our favorite sports impressions. Yes, we know that Caliendo’s impression of Freeman wasn’t sports-related in and of itself, but rather, was a sports impression in that was a non-sports impression regarding a sports-based topic. We know it doesn’t quite add up, but we’re politely asking you to make the leap with us. This is hardly the biggest stretch we’ve made on these lists.

Here are the nine funniest sports impressions we’ve come across in our lives.

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