Colts Owner Jim Irsay Appears at Training Camp, Starts Tossing Out $100 Bills Like a Classy Gentleman (Tweet)

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If you believe that money can’t buy redemption, then recently disgraced Colts owner Jim Irsay would like you to shut your mouth right now. Irsay was arrested in March for driving under the influence, and faces trial in August, but he’s recently begun his attempt to raise his profile publicly.

And it would appear he’s going straight from 0 to 60 in that process, having addressed the media on Friday, then appeared at training camp in Anderson, Indiana, handing out $100 bills to fans for no particular reason.

The money is an interesting tact, as Irsay was carrying $29,000 in cash when he was pulled over. Maybe he was trying to spread evidence over the Colts fan base. Or maybe he was just trying to be generous, but it seems like sort of a crass tactic. I mean, at least shoot the money out of an air-powered cannon or something. This just feels unwholesome.

Here’s a Twitter pic of the goings-on:

Whoa. That kid in the bottom left looks like he will literally die if he doesn’t get one of those Benjamins. I hope no one has the heart to tell him that Andrew Luck isn’t Peyton Manning.

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