Allison Stokke, the Most Famous Pole Vaulter on the Internet, Is Still Very Attractive (Gallery)

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In 2007, a high school pole vaulter from Newport Beach, California, became an internet legend when a year-old photograph of her found its way to the internet and went viral. Why? Because said high school pole vaulter was extremely attractive. And because the internet is a lecherous perv.

Anyway, this woman’s name, as you may know, is Allison Stokke. A year after she became an internet sensation she started college at UC Berkley, and a few more photos of her emerged in the four years that followed. But for the most part, she stayed as under-the-radar as a crazy hot minor internet celebrity could stay.

Since her Berkley days, however, it’s been a slightly different story. Stokke is no Jen Selter by any means, but she has become a modest presence on social media, suggesting that she’s more comfortable with her hot chick celebrity now that she’s old enough to legally buy beer (go figure, huh?).  And that’s why I don’t feel so bad writing this post about the latest Allison Stokke sighting.

Stokke, you see, is still competing in track and field. At a recent event in Mexico she was photographed quite extensively, and yes, she is still extremely attractive.

Take a look:

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