Cyclist Shares Photo of What a Tour de France Stage Does to Your Legs (Pic)

tour de france legs

We all knew that cycling was hard on the legs, requiring a superhuman combination of strength and endurance.  But it’s hard to quantify for non-cyclists, so we just talk about what great shape cyclists are in and move on.

It will be a little bit harder to gloss over the topic after seeing this photo, posted by cyclist Bartosz Huzarski on Facebook after the 145 km 18th stage of the Tour de France. Yikes. 

It’s not gross, but it’s…it’s something. The veins are bulging the way a weightlifter’s would after pumping his guns full of lactic acid. Only this workout lasts for hours and hours, with a far more tangible goal: winning.

Here’s a bigger image:


Yum! Even his feet are veiny. To his credit, as messed up as his legs are, his toenails appear to be in wonderful shape. I would expect, with damage to his legs like this, that his nails would be black and dangling.

I’m sorry, I just somehow made this topic grosser.


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