Inspirational Little Boy Tries to Keep Up with Kenyan Marathon Runners, Fails, Falls Down (Video)

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Just like in real life, not every news story or video can be inspirational. Also just like in real life, most things we do are embarrassing, painful, and instantly regrettable. Just ask this impish little tyke who started running down a sidewalk to keep up with the marathon runners in the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

The little boy is old enough to know how to run, but not old enough to realize that he’s much, much slower than Kenyans when it comes to running.

As such, he gets about ten strides in before falling over, possibly from exhaustion, probably from being a dumb little kid.

Here’s the video. Maybe next time, slugger:

To be honest, I think that even if he hadn’t fallen, I think he would have had a hard time maintaining a sub-6:00 mile pace for the whole marathon. I mean, he was in jeans for God’s sake.

Hat Tip – [Independent]

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