LeBron James Will Go Back to Wearing the No. 23 in Cleveland

lebron james 23 cleveland cavaliers

We already knew LeBron James is a flopper. (Yeah LeBron, just because you’re the good guy in Cleveland now that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten the flopping.) However, did you know he’s also a flip-flopper?

That’s right, a flip-flopper. Four years ago, when he left Cleveland and took his talents to South Beach, LeBron switched to No. 6 because the No. 23, his number in Cleveland, was retired in Miami. However, he said at the time that he thought the entire league should retire No. 23 because Michael Jordan was the greatest of all time.

Of course, that’s kind of a silly notion. The only other major North American sports league to retire a number for every team is Major League Baseball, and that was the No. 42, which belonged to Jackie Robinson, a civil rights hero who broke baseball’s color line. And I think that’s a little more significant than just being the best.

But now, just like his decision to leave Cleveland in the first place, it seems LeBron James has reconsidered his position on the No. 23. Because yes, that’s the number he’ll be wearing when he takes the floor with the Cavaliers this fall.

I’m sure the Cavs were hoping he’d stay with No. 6, though, just in case there were a few people who didn’t burn their old LeBron jerseys.

You know, so they’d have to buy new ones. LeBron’s basketball services don’t come cheap, you know.

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