Miralem Pjanic’s 60-Yard Soccer Goal Came After Field Goal Practice with the Denver Broncos (Videos)

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Miralem Pjanic made headlines with his 60-yard boot that sailed over the head of Manchester United keeper Ben Amos‘ head, and evidence is surfacing quickly that the kick was no fluke. In fact, he’d been practicing long-range kicks with an American football team just one day earlier. 

The Denver Broncos, specifically. Pjanic was taped knocking down long field goals at Broncos training camp on Friday, and he credits the practice to his successful bomb against Man U on Saturday.

Here’s the goal:

And here’s Pjanic practicing at Broncos camp:

It’s a conspiracy! A conspiracy spearheaded by Pjanic to make himself a better soccer player through unorthodox methods!

It’s too bad that soccer players and so well-paid and respected throughout the world, because we’d really like to see this guy slum it as an NFL kicker while he’s in his prime.  Unfortunately, we’ll likely have to wait until he’s washed up before it’s even a consideration.

Hurry up and wash up already, Miralem Pjanic!

Hat Tip – [Ron Canada via 101GreatGoals]

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