Peyton Manning Getting Tackled by His Adorable Kids Is the Gosh Darn Peyton Manningest Thing You’ve Ever Seen (Video + Pics)

peyton manning tackled by his kids broncos training camp

The start of NFL training camp doesn’t get the wistful, nostalgic treatment from the press and public that the start of baseball spring training gets. Sports fans are just as excited about it, but nobody writes any poems or sonnets romanticizing it.

The NFL may be trying to change that, though. In recent years, they’ve been making a number of small strategic tweaks to matter-of-fact proceedings to make them more interesting to fans. Turning the NFL Draft into “an event” is one of them. Having players bring their cute little kids to training camp is another.

You’ve seen the adorable photos, right? The ones that show giant, beastly gridiron warriors playing with their cute little munchkins? The ones that distract people from all the hazings and racial slurs and possibly attract more female fans who might otherwise be turned off by the league’s blasé stance toward wife-beating?

Well, this year, the early candidate for “cutest training camp picture with his kids” is none other than Peyton Manning. His kids were at training camp on Sunday, and they tackled him, and it was adorable.

Here are a few photos:

And here’s a video:

Just when you thought Peyton Manning couldn’t possibly get any more likable…

Now, if he could only manage to win another Super Bowl.

Hat Tip – [For the Win]

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