Public Pool High-Dive Fail Could Have Ended A LOT Worse (Video)

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 9.44.39 AM

In case you were wondering why those jerk teenager lifeguards were such sticklers for ensuring only one person was on the diving platform at a time, here you go. This girl, apparently chickening out of a “synchronized” (*snicker*) dive with her friend, gets cold, wet feet, and sort of gets hung up on the rail before taking a bouncier way down.

Here’s the video. See if you can spot where things start to go wrong for anonymous swimmer girl:

Of course, she’s a kid, so I’m guessing she dodged that bullet, landed in the water, then ran up to do it again. But it could have been way worse, and I’m wondering why they would even put a diving platform at a pool like that. It’s like letting a toddler fly an airplane—not a great idea.

If I had to grade it, I would give her a 5.4. Extra points for creativity and a very unique flip, but points off for a big splash into the water. She has to learn to break the surface tension with her hands. That’s going to hurt her with the Korean judge.

Hat Tip – [Gawker]

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