Zach LaVine Dunks Might Be Enough to Distract T-Wolves from the Type of Year They’re Going to Have (Video)

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 1.14.13 PM

With Kevin Love standing around with his bags packed, just waiting for a destination, there might not be a lot for Minnesota Timberwolves fans to be excited about at the moment. They’re due to lose perhaps the premiere power forward in the game, and remain in rebuilding purgatory for another couple years, most likely.

However, this dunk mixtape from Zach LaVine (vertical jump: FORTY-SIX INCHES) does allow for a few slivers of hope. I mean, a dunk mixtape isn’t exactly a full-on scouting report, but it is at least a barometer for entertainment, if not on-court success. And if the T-Wolves could also score Andrew Wiggins out of the deal, then I think they might really have something here.

Take a look at the monster jams from Mr. LaVine:

Again, this may take a couple years. Because normally during NBA games, there’s another team on the court whose job it is to stop players from doing under-leg-windmill dunks and taking off from the free throw line.

But still…not bad eye candy.

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