This 41-Shot Ping-Pong Rally Will Force You to Take Ping-Pong Seriously for the Next Five Minutes (Video)

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You know when Nigeria’s Segun Toriola and Singapore’s Gao Ning step up to the ping-pong table, it’s going to be a doozy of a ping-pong match. AND BOY HOWDY, WAS IT EVER!

(I’m aware that enthusiasts of the sport would rather I refer to it as “table tennis,” and that it may frustrate them when I call it “ping-pong.” Which is exactly why I’m going to continue to call it “ping-pong.”)

In the semi-finals of the Commonwealth games, the two men shared with us one of the greatest rallies since that time you and your cousin hit, like, a hundred ping-pong shots back and forth in your Aunt Gwen’s basement. Toriola and Ning’s rally didn’t have, like, a hundred shots, but it did have, like 41. Which I guess is pretty good in the world of professional table tennis.

Here’s the video of an event that can only be classified as a triumph of the human spirit:

Yowser. That’s a lot of ping-pongin’!

I’m not going to say who won, because I’m sure a lot of you have this DVR’d and are just waiting for the right time to really study it.

Eh, I can’t help it.


Hat Tip – [CBS Sports]

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