9 Greatest Athletes to Wear No. 23

Cleveland Cavaliers v New York Knicks

Did you here the news? After four years of wearing no. 6 in South Beach, LeBron is going to wear his old no. 23 again when he takes the court for Cleveland in the fall. That means the good people of Cleveland will not have to be reminded that James went to Miami and won two championships for a city that barely even cares, or how they all hated his guts and burned his Cavs jerseys in the streets. It’ll be like those four years never even happened. And that’s really convenient. 

Anyway, after LeBron reclaimed the no. 23, I got to thinking: who are the best players, in any sport, to ever wear that number? So obviously I did a little research, and this list was born.

Take a look. I bet you’ll be shocked when you see who takes the top spot.