This Video of Braves Dad Catching a Foul Ball for His Son Might Be Too Cute for You to Handle (Video)

dad catches foul ball for son

If you like heartwarming videos of dads being heroes to their adorable kids—and unless you’re some kind of heartless monster, you probably do—this post is for you.

The Braves hosted the Padres for an early afternoon tilt yesterday at Turner Field, which meant the stands were relatively empty since most people have to work at 12pm on Monday. However, there was one swell dad who made his son’s week by playing hooky from the office and taking him to the ballgame. Then that dad went and snagged his kid a foul ball off the bat of All-Star first baseman Freddie Freeman in the bottom of the eight inning. And that basically made the kid’s life.

Just take a look at the hug the guy gets after making the grab. It’s adorable:

That’s right. Awwwwww.

Now go call your dad and ask him if he wants to play some catch. Or at least remind him to get a prostate exam or something. Because you love him.

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