Dude Perfect Presents “Desert Drifting Baseball” (Video)

dude perfect baseball drifting

In some ways, the guys of Dude Perfect have come a long, long way since they first hit the YouTube scene with “World’s Longest Basketball Shot.” These days, for example, instead of filming silly sports stunts in their backyard (and the Texas A&M campus) with an iPhone, they’re out on location using crane cameras to shoot epic HD videos.

In other ways, they’re exactly the same. High production values aside, they’re still a bunch of frat bros in backward hats and tank tops horsing around and having fun.

The latest effort from Dude Perfect? It’s called “Desert Drifting Baseball Edition,” and basically it’s just them out in the desert doing some baseball trick shots with cars.

That’s right. Cars. Among other things, the Dude Perfect bros play pickle/hotbox with a car as the “runner.” They imitate Yoenis Cespedes gunning somebody down at home plate, only that person is a moving car. And they throw a baseball through the open windows of said car.

Take a look:

Like I said, they’ve come a long way, and yet they’ve gone nowhere at all. And that’s pretty awesome. I totally wish I could have figured out how to make money just by being a college student.

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]

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