High Schooler Shelby McEwen Throws Down Monster Dunk from Free Throw Line (Video)

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 11.12.40 AM

You won’t be forgetting the name “Shelby McEwen” for a while. And not just because it sounds like either a Simpsons character or a successful romance author. Nope. This Shelby McEwen is a high school student who can JUMP. From behind the free throw line all the way home.

It merits mentioning that a) Shelby performed the below dunk with no assistance from rocket shoes or trampolines, and b) he is going to be a high school senior in Oxford, MS.

Before we go much further, here’s the video:

With this graceful dunk, McEwen won the Jumpman “First to Fly” dunk contest, sponsored, of course, by the Nike brand.

We could dwell on the fact that this dunk was performed with no defense and not even any dribbling, but, hey, it’s a dunk contest. Contestants arent’ going for realism here. I mean, how many times do you find yourself with two basketballs or blindfolded in a game situation?

That’s right…”Infrequently.”

Congrats Shelby. Now show the scouts you know how to dribble and do other useful things on the court, and you’ll be a college star.

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