Melky Cabrera Homer Smashes Car Windshield Outside Fenway (Video)

melky cabrera home run shatters windshield outside fenway

I know Major League Baseball’s PED protocol calls for “random” testing, but you have to wonder if Toronto’s Melky Cabrera wasn’t peeing into a little cup after last night’s game in Boston.

Cabrera hit two home runs during the Blue Jays’ 14-1 rout of the Red Sox—one from each side of the plate—and the second one sailed clear over the Green Monster in left field, across Lansdowne Street, and into the windshield of a white sports utility vehicle.

Now, I assume the parking garage across from the Green Monster has some sort of loss prevention policy, otherwise I don’t know who in their right minds would pay $20 to park there knowing they could be out a windshield if somebody hits a moonshot. But if I’m wrong, hopefully this person has an understanding insurance agent. If it were me I’d totally deny the claim.

Take a look:

So there you have it. If you’re thinking about taking in a game at Fenway any time soon, Melky Cabrera just taught you a very valuable lesson.

fenway parking lot -- where not to park at fenway

Thanks, Melky.

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