NBA MVP Kevin Durant Has Comically Large Feet (Pic)

kevin durant crazy legs and feet closeup

Kevin Durant is a lanky 6’10”, so obviously he’s got long legs and big feet. However, sometimes is takes a great photograph taken at just the right angle with just the right fish-eye lens to make you realize just how freakishly long they are.

Yesterday was day one of USA Basketball’s FIBA World Cup (yes, the FIBA World Cup) training camp in Las Vegas, and all the biggest stars (except LeBron, Griffin, Melo, and Paul) were there. And after practice, the 2014 NBA MVP, KD, slapped some ice packs on his knees, plopped himself down on a bench, and talked to some reporters.

That’s when this amazing photo was taken:

kevin durant crazy legs and feet

Obviously, this is not taken with a standard 55mm lens. You can see it distorts the image, especially KD’s feet and legs, which extend toward the camera. But it’s a pretty good photographic caricature. After all, the man does have some pretty big flippers:

kevin durant big feet

And, sometimes, it does look like he is wearing clown shoes:

kevin durant clown shoes

So yesterday’s photo? That’s just slight exaggeration. And it’s hilarious.

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]

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