Pairs Figure Skaters Throw Out Ceremonial First Pitch Like Only Pairs Figure Skaters Can (Video)

usa figure skating pair throws out first pitch at rays game

As soon as I heard that a U.S. Olympic figure skating pair threw out a first pitch at a Major League Baseball game, I thought to myself it had to be in Tampa Bay. There have been a few wacky first pitches at other ballparks this year—for example San Diego and Detroit—but when it comes to ballpark promotions, the Tampa Bay Rays think “outside the box” (i.e. like a minor league team, because they have a minor league fanbase) on a pretty regular basis.

I was right, too. It was Tampa Bay. And the figure skating pair in question was Felicia Zhang and Nathan Bartholomay. They weren’t the USA’s top couple in Sochi, so they didn’t compete in the team figure skating competition. And in the regular pairs competition they finished 14th out of 20 pairs. But hey, they made the Olympics, which is more than I have ever done or will do in my life, so hats off to them.

As for their first pitch…well, it was figure skatey. Take a look:

If Nathan can’t find a new figure skating partner, he’s got a future in cheerleading. When it comes to lifting a woman in the air by her crotch, this guy is a pro.

Hat Tip – [Cut4]

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