Watch LeBron James Take Off All His Clothes for a Bunch of Taiwanese People (Video)

lebron james strips on stage in taiwan 2

Well this is really weird.

It seems Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James is in Asia doing one of the NBA’s annual summer publicity tours right now, and he recently made a stop in Taiwan to attend a basketball camp…in an arena jam packed with 10,000 screaming people. And at that basketball camp, LeBron removed articles of his clothing, signed them, and tossed them into a crowd, which is actually pretty common.

What was not so common was the lengths to which LeBron was willing to go. Because you see, he didn’t just take off his shirt and shoes. He took off all his clothes right down to his tight high performance Nike underdrawers and walked out of the arena mostly naked.

Like I said, it was really weird. Take a look:

If thousands of screaming fans begged a female athlete to take off her clothes and she did it, people would be outraged. So I honestly don’t know what the hell to think about this.

Your thoughts, oh wise internet?

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