Wanna Watch A Guy Lose $1 Million on a Bad Poker Beat? Here Ya Go…(Video)

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Poker’s a roller coaster for the average player. Professionals take a much more measured approach to it, but that still doesn’t prevent fortune from swinging wildly in one direction or the other. Just ask Connor Drinan, who sat at the World Series of Poker event called “Big One for One Drop” (What the hell does that mean?), a 46-player tournament with a $1 million buy-in.

I suppose the headline has stolen some of the suspense. Nonetheless, watch the video before I ruin everything for you:

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Drinan went all-in with aces against Cary Katz, who also had aces. There was a 98% chance of a split pot.

The pot didn’t split. Katz caught a flush and stole the pot. Drinan lost all his money…but got a really fun story out of it!

Don’t gamble, kids.

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