Inspirational Eight-Year-Old Boy Pushes, Tows, and Carries His Disabled Brother Through an Entire Triathlon (Video)

8-year-old carried disabled brother through triathlon noah-and-lucas-aldrich

Hey internet, are you ready to watch a video about an inspirational 8-year-old kid that will make you wonder what the hell you are doing with your life? Because I’ve got one of those for you right here.

The inspirational 8-year-old kid is Noah Aldrich. One day Noah heard about a YMCA kids triathlon and had an idea: why not do the kids triathlon with his brother?

Here’s the thing, though. Noah’s brother, Luke Aldrich, suffers from Lissencephaly, a condition that affects the central nervous system and has left him unable to walk or even eat. So when Noah had the idea of doing the triathlon “with” his brother, what that really meant was that he would be pulling, pushing, and carrying him the entire way.

And that’s exactly what he did. Noah pulled Luke behind him in a raft during the swimming leg. He towed him behind him in a buggy during the cycling leg. And he pushed him in that buggy during the jogging leg.

The pair finished in just over 54 minutes.

Here’s a story about Noah and Luke from Idaho’s KTVB:

Was that amazing or what?

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