Jeremy Lin and His Friends Produce Elaborate New YouTube Comedy Sketch (Video)

jeremy lin goes hollywood youtube video

We already knew Jeremy Lin liked to make YouTube videos with his friends before he was famous. And given that he’s such a down-to-earth guy, it shouldn’t surprise us that he’s still making YouTube videos with those same friends now that the whole world knows who he is.

However, with Jeremy now a member of the Los Angeles Lakers, it seems he and his buddies have decided it’s time to dial the production values of their videos up a notch. So that’s what they did with their latest opus, “Jeremy Lin Goes Hollywood.”

What’s it about? Well, it starts with Jeremy Lin being sad, so his friends assume it’s because he’s been reading mean tweets about himself. Then they try to cheer him up with an elaborate song and dance number, which takes to the halfway point in the video. After that…well, after that things just get weird.

Take a look:

That’s probably not going to get anybody a gig on Saturday Night Live. But hey, I was amused.

Hat Tip – [Bar Down]

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