Pittsburgh Pirate Run Themselves Right Out of the Game Against Giants (Video)

pirates baserunning fail vs giants results in two outs

Yesterday’s game between the Pirates and Giants in San Francisco didn’t just feature an exploding beer. It also featured an embarrassing baserunning fail by the Bucs that pretty much cost them the game.

After a walk, a throwing error, and a sacrifice bunt, the Pirates had runners at second and third with just one out in the top of the sixth. Already up 5-4, they were threatening the put the game out of reach. Then Giants reliever Jean Machi walked catcher Chris Stewart, which should have loaded the bases. Only it didn’t because the Pirates ran themselves into a double-rundown double play.

It all started with Pirates left fielder Travis Snider. Under the mistaken impression that there was a runner on first, he started jogging to third base after the walk to Stewart. Then he suddenly realized what he was doing, but it was too late. Machi threw the ball to second and the rundown was on.

At that point somebody was going to be out, so Gaby Sanchez, the runner on third, should have done one of two things. He should have either put his head down and taken off for home immediately—worst case he’s out and Snider makes it safely to third, best case he scores on a bad throw and everybody is safe—or he should have stayed put and just let them throw Snider out.

Did Sanchez do one of those things? No. Instead, he hesitated a bit and then started running for home right when Snider was being tagged out.

Take a look:

So who won the game? The Giants, by a score of 7-5.

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