Reporter Documents Every Time She’s Videobombed by Cyclists on Live TV in This Clip (Video)

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Kudos to Addie Olson of ABC5 News. Working in live television is a stressful exercise under the best of circumstances, and certainly, idiots in the background trying to get a moment of fame don’t make that effort any easier. But, it’s a package deal, so you just learn to live with it and try to laugh it off, as Olson does.

Here, she’s created a clip of every time some looky-loo videobombs her reports. It’s pretty funny, and nice to see a reporter and news station owning this fact, rather than pretend like it’s some forbidden catastrophe every time it happens.

Take a look at the compilation and feel Addie’s pain:


Ok. So it’s not as bad as digging ditches, or even working in a cube, but it’s still pretty funny to see a reporter just have to chalk it up and move on, knowing that she won’t get too much sympathy from the public.

Hat Tip – [HuffPo]

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