Austin Jackson Gets Pulled From the Field, Mid-Game, Because He Was Traded (Video)

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 11.01.32 PM

It’s easy to treat athletes, even the ones close to us, as commodities, but this video may change that, if only for a few moments.

Detroit’s Austin Jackson was yanked from the field as word came from the Tigers GM to Tigers Manager Brad Ausmus that Austin Jackson was traded in the David Price three-team deal. Jackson was summarily replaced with Rajai Davis.

He was met with a heartwarming ovation from fans, and hugs in the dugout, but that doesn’t completely shake the fact that we perhaps knew about this player’s life-changing circumstances before he did. It’s…weird.

To water-down the weirdness a little, let’s watch him hug some teammates:

And, because we giveth and we taketh away, here’s a sadder video of him leaving Comerica. For the last time. As a Tiger. Maybe not ever, though. He’ll probably be back because he was traded to an AL team, the Mariners.

He’ll be back, and Seattle’s really nice, even if we’re heading into rainy season. So let’s be happy for Mr. Jackson anyway.

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