Michael Vick Dodges Question About Jets Starting QB by Patting Reporter on the Ass (Video)

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Michael Vick doesn’t really feel like answering any questions regarding a quarterback controversy in New York. (Why is it always a “controversy?” Why can’t it just be a “question” or a “topic of conversation?”) So, when the topic came up, as it inevitably would in training camp, when reporters are basically forced to create their own stories, Michael Vick SHUT. IT. DOWN.

Michael Vick let fly an “I’m outta here,” as he took his leave from the throng of reporters. But not before patting ESPN New York’s Rich Cimini on the ass. First of all, why Rich Cimini? Secondly, why an ass-pat?

I don’t have the answers, guys, but that won’t stop me from asking the questions.

Take a look at the video and see if you can read between the lines better than I:

If you’re going to walk out on a group of people on principle, it’s always best to pat one on the ass to a) let them all know that it’s nothing personal, and b) let at least one of them know they have a delightfully pat-able ass.

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