Eli Manning Gives Us Yet Another Wonderful Face to Add to the Pantheon of Eli Manning Faces (Pic + GIF)

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 9.19.37 AM

People speak of the “Eli Manning Face” as though there is only one. BALDERDASH. Eli Manning is a treasure trove of visages, each one conveying a human emotion in a unique and touching fashion. One playful such face has been documented (and memed) here, and now we’ve got another one.

What do we make of this face? What do we call it?

I’m partial to “Petulant Eli,” but I can easily be talked out of that one.

This face came in the very first preseason game of the year last night as the Giants played the Bills for the Hall of Fame game. Why so worked up over a preseason game? My guess is that it wasn’t the game itself but something that was said into his earpiece.

Some possibilities:

“Hey Eli, I know you wanted to stop at Hardees on the ride home, but we’re not going to Hardees because Hardess is stupid and you’re stupid.”

“You smell like a butt, Eli.”

“If you make a face that looks like the old man from Pixar’s Up RIGHT NOW, I’ll give you $100.”

Or something like that. Here’s the GIF for slightly more context:

It looks like he was just sniffling or something. DAMMIT. Disregard this GIF altogether, please.


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