Jon Lester Took Out a Full-Page Ad to Say Goodbye to the Boston Red Sox Fans (Pic)

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Last week’s MLB trade deadline gave sports fans a bit of pause amid the flurry activity. It came the moment Austin Jackson was pulled off the field during a game due to the fact that he was no longer a Detroit Tiger; he had been traded. We read about trades (almost) every day, but to see the human aspect of a trade at the moment it happened (guy playing baseball gets called off the field to pack his stuff) was a little sobering for even jaded fans.

That moment may have overshadowed the Jon Lester trade from Boston to Oakland, but there’s a human element to that one, too. Namely, Jon Lester.

The departing pitcher took out a full page ad in the Boston Globe to say goodbye and thanks. It’s a very nice gesture from a man handling this life disruption with as much poise as you could ask for.

Here’s the ad:

JonLesterAd080314-001 (1)


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