Mets Fans Drop Some Sick Burns on Hunter Pence with Hilarious Signs

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There’s nothing wrong with being an obnoxious, biased fan, provided you do it in a clever enough fashion. Take, for instance, these New York Mets fans who focused their ire on the Giants’ Hunter Pence with laser-beam precision. Rather than yelling out “You suck, ya big bum!” at him, like the imaginary Mets fans in my head do, they took him to task with some pretty funny signs that are worth the seven-second read.

Here’s the Tweet that lays out the most scathing indictments ever scrawled out on neon yellow posterboard:

Ha! The Godfather Part III? That’s widely considered far weaker than its predecessors. A ridiculous favorite of the trilogy!

Perhaps most alarming is the face of the Mets fan holding the hot dog sign. He looks so at peace you expect to see a bomb strapped to his chest.

The signs seemed to have the unintended effect of causing Pence to go 3-5 with two home runs and four RBI. I think the only reasonable conclusion was that everything on these signs was true, and now that they were out in the open, Hunter Pence felt a huge burden lifted from him, as he didn’t have to live a lie anymore.  And that translated to a terrific performance.


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