Paul George Suffers Terrible Leg Injury at Team USA Scrimmage, Gets Touching Visit from Coach K (Pic)

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Duke and Team USA head coach Mike Krzyzewski has taken a lot of heat from basketball fans, mainly due to his associated with the widely disliked Duke program.  But he’s shown time and time again that he stands by his players. The latest such demonstration is in the wake of Team USA member Paul George‘s terrible broken leg injury during a scrimmage on Friday in Las Vegas. The injury was so bad that Coach K ended the whole scrimmage prematurely. 

Here’s another look at the horrifying incident:

George, a promising player on the Indiana Pacers, is almost certainly out for the season. During this hard time, Mike Krzyzewski took time to visit him in the hospital. A coach visiting an injured player in the hospital is hardly that extraordinary, but by all accounts, he had some extremely kind and touching words for George.

Here’s a pic of the encounter:

Feel better, Paul. Yikes.


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