Baby Seal Can’t Surf for Sh*t, but It’s Pretty Fun to Watch It Try (Video)

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 9.27.22 AM

An animal on a surfboard (or trying to get on a surfboard) qualifies as a sport, so we’re gonna cover it.

Look at the little guy. He’s looking all sly in that picture, but he acts like a spazz when he’s trying to get on that board.

A guy was lucky enough to have his GoPro (or somesuch camera) mounted to his surfboard when a seal cruised up and said, “NO! MINE!”  The seal then proceeded to struggle to mount the surfboard for about three minutes. It’s all very cute, and we’re not even going to make fun of the seal for being a shitty surfer, even though IT’S A WATER CREATURE.

Here’s the video. Please don’t make fun of the seal. It’s trying its best:

If you ever wanted to make a compelling case for GoPro cameras, this would probably serve as a great ad.

“You can tell your friends about your fun seal encounter while surfing, or you can just upload this video so that it can go viral.”

Pretty easy choice.


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